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Stressed, tired, or anxious? Jjungl has you covered with these go-to hero products


Stress Awareness Week 7th-11th Nov 

Stress is part of life but it shouldn’t hijack our life. Mindfulness is a phrase that is thrown about in the press and on social media but what does it really mean? You don’t have to sit crossed-legged for hours in silence, nor do you have to spend ££££ on a wellness retreat. 

Here at Jjungl we have the ultimate stress-busting products, which don’t cost the world but their impact is priceless: 

Full Power Cacao

Long before cacao became popular in North America, it was one of the most coveted foods in all of South America. In fact, it was so revered that they named it “Theobroma,” which translates into “food of the gods.” 

Ancient civilizations, such as the Aztecs and Mayans, believed that the cacao plant was a sacred medicine whilst shamans would use it in heart-opening ceremonies to banish negative thoughts and emotions from the body.

Founder of Full Power Cacao, £15,  Liam Browne’s trip to Guatemala was the inspiration for his brand.  On his spiritual adventure, he met the Chocolate Shaman on the majestic Lake Atitlán and the trajectory of his life was changed forever. He discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of Cacao and wanted to share that magic with everyone he met. 

Full Power Cacao finds its origins in Venezuela where its Cacao is planted, grown, picked and processed by family farmers. 

How to use Full Power Cacao to enjoy its hi-vibe benefits: Put your Cacao in a pan with a small amount of plant milk or water and gently heat it on the stove. Whisk into a paste so that all the pieces of cacao have melted and it’s smooth. Add the rest of your ingredients and heat, keeping it on low heat. Don’t let it boil as you will lose some of the active ingredients and compounds. 

Sleep Goddess 
 Studies show that the scent of lavender is a calming scent for relaxation that puts us in a better mood and helps create a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness.
Handmade with love, this vegan-friendly Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist Sleep n’ Glo, £14.99,  is a dreamy blend of pure peony fragrance and natural lavender essential oil with suspended gold flakes. 

This room and pillow mist is an ideal and simple way to encourage quality and deep sleep to awaken glowy and refreshed. It is perfect for nighttime struggles and can help you to relax. 

CalmTree Serentiy Tea Blend 

There is a reason why we keep sipping this tea at JJungl HQ and it is because this tea blend actually works. 

Calm Tree’s Serenity Blend, £25,  is a must-have for those suffering from restless nights. Its magical blend brings balance to the body's energy systems and contains powerful compounds to deregulate stress and bring a sense of deep calm. 

Contains stress-busting, natural ingredients such as Aniseed, Holy Basil, Chamomile Flower, Ginkgo Biloba, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower. 

Empwr Nootropics 

If you haven’t heard of nootropics, you soon will. 

Deemed “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers”, nootropics are natural supplements that support natural cognitive processes to enhance cognition, enabling the brain to do more. 

Natural nootropics are proven in boosting brain function while at the same time making the brain healthier. Nootropics act as a vasodilator against the small arteries and veins in the brain. The introduction of natural nootropics in the system will increase the blood circulation to the brain and at the same time provide important nutrients and increase energy and oxygen flow to the brain. 

The UK brand that’s leading the charge in natural nootropics is Empwr Botanics. Empwr Botanics renowned for its high-grade CBD supplements fortified with botanical goodness has launched its first non-CBD product, Charge Nootropics Supplements, £29. 

The Empwr Botanics Charge Nootropics Supplements is a powerfully intelligent blend of functional nootropics and adaptogens formulated to supercharge your mind by enhancing your cognitive function, lifting your mood and cancelling out lethargy.  

If you are looking for a clean, natural energy boost, combined with enhanced clarity and focus, this is the help you have been waiting for.


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