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The Ultimate Guide to Holding a Couples Cacao Ceremony


Couples' cacao ceremonies have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for partners to connect on a deeper level and cultivate intimacy in their relationship. If you're interested in holding a couples cacao ceremony, read on for a comprehensive guide to make sure your experience is both meaningful and memorable.

What is a Couples Cacao Ceremony?

A couples cacao ceremony is a ceremonial gathering where partners drink cacao together as a symbol of their connection and commitment to each other.

Cacao is a powerful plant medicine known for its ability to open the heart and facilitate deep emotional healing. During a couples cacao ceremony, partners are guided through a series of activities designed to enhance their connection and bring them closer together.

The Benefits of a Couples Cacao Ceremony

There are many benefits to participating in a couples cacao ceremony. By drinking cacao together, partners can:

Connect on a deeper level

Enhance their communication and understanding

Foster intimacy and deepen their connection

Create a space for emotional healing and release

Celebrate and strengthen their relationship

How to Prepare for a Couples Cacao Ceremony

Creating your sacred ceremony 

Before you hold your couples cacao ceremony, it's important to properly prepare. Here's what you need to do:

Choose a location: Select a quiet, private location where you and your partner can feel comfortable and relaxed. This could be your home, a park, or a secluded spot in nature. You'll need cacao, a ceremonial drink container, candles, and anything else you'd like to include in your ceremony.

Gather supplies: You'll need cacao, a ceremonial drink container, candles, and anything else you'd like to include in your ceremony.

Set the mood: Create a peaceful atmosphere with soft lighting, relaxing music, and comfortable seating.

Agree on intentions: Before you begin your ceremony, take some time to discuss your intentions and what you hope to achieve from the experience.

The Ceremony: Once you've prepared for your couples cacao ceremony, it's time to begin. Here's what you can expect:

Drink the cacao: Begin by drinking the cacao together. This can be done in silence or with a guided meditation.

Share your intentions: After drinking the cacao, take turns sharing your intentions for the ceremony and what you hope to achieve from the experience.

Engage in activities: Engage in activities designed to deepen your connection, such as heart-to-heart conversations, journaling, or meditation.

Reflect and release: Take some time to reflect on your experience and release any emotions that may have come up during the ceremony.

Celebrate your connection: End the ceremony by celebrating your connection and commitment to each other.

Holding a couples cacao ceremony can be a transformative experience for partners. By drinking cacao together, you can connect on a deeper level, enhance your communication, and celebrate your relationship. With the right preparation and intention, your couples cacao ceremony will be a meaningful and memorable experience for both you and your partner. 


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