Calmtree - Mother Spirit Tea Blend Gift Set

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Calmtree London
The fascination with using adaptogenic and sacred herbs put me on a seven year quest t...

Turn your afternoon tea break into a ceremony with this stunning  made-to-order gift set. 

Contains a dry tea blend of sweet, earthy and aromatic flavours with mint undertones: Mullein, Ashwagandha, Chamomile Flowers, Fennel, Kotu Gola & Lemon Balm 

The blend of herbs in Mother Spirit dates back to Ancient times. Each herb has been revered for its healing and spiritual properties.  The combined medicinal benefits have been passed down the ancient lineage of shamans and energy healers. 

Also included in the gift set is a ROSE QUARTZ crystal, attached to the diffuser and a Green Glazed mug which was handmade and skilfully glazed so that each piece is unique. 

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