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A powerfully intelligent blend of functional nootropics and adaptogens formulated to supercharge your mind by enhancing your cognitive function, lifting your mood and kicking your fatigue to the kerb. If you are looking for a clean, natural energy boost, combined with enhanced clarity and...
IngredientsLions Mane Mushroom Extract, Maca Root Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Vitamin D, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (Capsule) FormCapsules
Andrographis is one of the most powerful herbs we have for immunity and is known as “King of the Bitters” (don’t worry- you can’t taste that in our capsules!). It is great daily to keep you protected and also a saviour if you are ever feeling particularly under the weather. Our pills blend an...
Size40 Pill Jar Ingredients100% Andrographis
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Skin immunity wellness starts from within. These high potency supplements offer a dose of the most powerful Nordic Forest plant extracts to boost your daily skin health ritual, defending against the impact of stress. Both inside and out! Skin and wellness benefits: BRIGHTENS ...
IngredientsChaga Mushroom, Rhodiola Rosea, Wild Bilberry, Pine Bark FormCapsules
TRHC Alkalising Greens Formula oxygenates the cells of the body and restores the body's natural PH. A selection of the world's most nutritious dense greens mother nature has to offer in one product, each serving delivers a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote...
IngredientsNettle Leaf Powder, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa leaf juice powder, Astragalus root, Chlorophyll powder, Spirulina Powder, Barley Grass juice powder, Wheat Grass juice powder, Oat Grass juice powder, Kamut Grass juice powder, Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Powder FormCapsules
TRHC Alpha Man formula is a selection of testosterone boosting herbs designed to empower male energy and vitality. In our current modern society that disrupts hormones and impacts testosterone production in men, it has never been as vital to create an internal environment that optimises...
IngredientsPine Pollen, Saw Palmetto, Shilajit Extract, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, Horny Gpat Weed, Fenugreek FormCapsules
THRC Electric Iron Cell food formula is one of our founder's favourite blends due to the prolific all round health benefits it gives. Botanical wild crafted alkalising, astringent iron rich herbs, which work in synergy to cleanse the liver, lymphatic system and purify the blood stream....
IngredientsYellow Dock, Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion Root, Hombre Grande, Vervain FormCapsules
TRHC Goddess Vitality formula is the ultimate supplement for female health and vitality. Designed to help combat the stress and fast paced nature of modern life. TRHC Goddess Vitality formula is a blend of herbal extracts and nutrients that will restore all female biological and endocrine...
IngredientsShatavari, Shilajit Extract, Ashwagandha, Magnesium Glycinate, Rose Rugosa, Red Clover, B6 P5P FormCapsules
TRHC Immortal Molecules formula is a revolutionary anti-aging, longevity and internal cellular protector.  We always state that true health starts from within so if your goal is health and longevity, which it should be then THRC Immortal Molecules is a supplement you need in your...
IngredientsAstaxanthin, Chaga Mushroom Powder, Seabuckthorn, NMN, Blue Spirulina, Astragalus root, Lycopene, Lycopene, C60 FormCapsules
TRHC Lung Shield formula is designed to protect your respiratory system from inflammation, mucus build up, asthma, unwanted viruses and pathogens. Selecting the finest natural botanical herbs, this lung formula nourishes and soothes the mucus membranes, allowing natural detoxification to take...
IngredientsPine Needle Extract, Mullein, Astragalus, Marshmallow root, Plantain, Schisandra Berry, Sage extract FormCapsules
TRHC Rose Petal Powder is a very rare and unique edible rose flower powder that contains powerful and medicinal properties.  In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) rose is considered a Shen tonic. Rose petals are believed to help a person move and open their heart which has...
IngredientsRose Rugosa cv.plena FormPowder
TRHC Total Eclipse Formula is our number 1 supplement to support and enhance sleep cycles, total eclipse is a selection of herbs and nutraceuticals that work synergistically to support the optimal function of the central nervous system. This botanical sleep formula is designed to address...
IngredientsValerian Root, Passion flower, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, L-Theanine, St Johns Wort, Lavender, Magnesium Glycinate, Gaba, Saffron, B6 P5P FormCapsules
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Take one supplement a day everyday of your cycle after breakfast or lunch with a glass of water.
IngredientsAshwagandha, Rhodiola Root, Asparagus Root, Agnus Castus, 5HTP FormCapsules
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