Satin Beauty Sleep Slip-Over Pillow case in Ethnic Feels

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Hello sleepy friend! Welcome to the original slip-over beauty sleep pillow case. 

It is elasticated and securely fits over the pillow like a glove so will not slide off. The elastic band makes it quite easy to slip onto a pillow, cushion or sofa chair, or even car or airplane headrest and it is convenient for you to remove.

This makes it multifunctional and easy to take with you wherever you go. Pop into your handbag and use wherever you need a shield between your hair or skin and another surface. As with all dark fabrics there is some small chance this could cause some slight colour transfer.

The satin pillowcase gives you all the luxury, breathability, slip and shine of silk without the guilt. They are cruelty free so free from silkworms or other animal products and are handcrafted here in England. 

Unlike cotton pillowcases, this pillowcase’s friction-free surface helps your hair to thrive by reducing loss of moisture, eliminating frizz and preventing bedhead. It is also very gentle for your eyelashes and the skin on your face and neck and aids in the prevention of wrinkle formation. It is also not uncomfortably slippery so it stays in place and you stay on it!

Fits UK standard size pillows. of 50cm x 75 cm 

Material: 97 % satin 3% spandex

Note the listing is for one (1) elasticated pillow case.

Satin (97%), Spandex (3%)

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