A marketplace for natural products

There are hundreds of thousands of natural and organic brands in the world with products that can benefit our health, fight diseases and are much better for the environment. There are millions of health-conscious individuals in the world looking for ways to improve their everyday health. Ways that are herbal and chemical-free. Jjungl is the marketplace where these two connect. Buy, Sell and Discover natural brands, plant-based products, healing ingredients and gift ideas. Expect to find natural skincare creams for acne, herbal teas for digestion, 100% natural shampoo & soap for sensitive skin, herbal supplements for energy and much more.


We're on a mission to provide a space online for people to buy and sell unique products from real people, with real passion, using natural ingredients. Whether you’re a suburban mum in South London creating natural baby products, or a family-run business in Tanzania selling raw baobab powder, we want to showcase your products to a global market and turn your passion into profit. 


Giving a platform to sellers with products that will benefit our health and the wider environment. A channel through which brands can start up, grow and create wealth for themselves.

Making it easy for shoppers to find plant-based products, natural alternatives and unique brands doing amazing things.

Community and cooperation. Working together with people, brands and organisations that are doing something to help bring more light to this world. Please feel free to contact us.


Our vision is simple: to ensure the healing and medicinal properties of natural products can reach the hands of as many people around the world as possible. 

It’s quite obvious to see that there are a handful of mega-corporations that have a monopoly on the world's financial resources (not naming any names). We are opposed to the imbalance of the world's wealth and power and strive to be a company that puts the needs of its sellers and buyers FIRST. 

The gap between the super-rich and the rest of the population can only be rebalanced by providing fair access to the market and allowing sellers to retain the majority of their profits. We want Jjungl to be that portal. 

Plant Power. Power to the People.