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Afroani Limited
Using nature’s valuable blends to create hair products and accessories is what Afroani is all about. We believe in naturally sourced, cruelty-free products. Afroani is a UK based e-commerce business that values sustainability, nature and your confidence in your hair. Afroani believes in creating vegan friendly formulas without the use of Sulfates, Parabens, Silicons and artificial colorants to provide you with the best clean hair care experience. Our hair care formulas contain some of the best ingredients that will nourish and hydrate textured hair. Our accessories line has been designed thinking of making hair tools for textured hair fun and different from what was already on the market. We wanted to give you a chic and luxury experience, begin your healthy hair journey with Afroani.
Bare & Rose Organic Skincare
Passionate, Certified Organic skincare formulator changing the way we make Skincare. Australian Made %100 Organic ZERO Synthetic Man Made Ingredients Healing By Nature There is NO MORE SECRETS as to what's inside our products. Complete transparency as to where our ingredients are sourced, how they are grown and what is in each bottle, everything is grown in Australia and only %100 organic ingredients are used, absolutely NOTHING man made goes into your product, this is the true power of nature, real ingredients providing real results for real people. BARE + ROSE CERTIFIED ORGANIC SKINCARE
Belief Botanicals
Plants, petals, seeds & roots hold many secrets & solutions. It’s a joy to discover them & offer their delights back to you. At Belief Botanicals we feel we should all celebrate nature! We promise we will always strive to make the right choices for our planet.
Calmtree London
The fascination with using adaptogenic and sacred herbs put me on a seven year quest to research the specific combinations and applications of these herbs and how to apply them daily in our lives to activate their super-powered compounds and to give the mind, body and soul the most therapeutic way to restore balance and unity. And so after years of researching both modern science and ancient wisdom I launched Earth & Spirit herbal blends in 2021, to infuse, steam, bathe, sip and roll. About the founder - Marina Green (ANutr) I'm a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach and mum of three! I have always been passionate about nutritious food and healthy living. I believe that good health should be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone! I have always turned to nature and the natural elements to improve the wellbeing of not only the physical body, but also the mind and spirit.
Crown of Nature
Thinking of making the switch to clean beauty? Our range of self-care beauty products are plant-powered with organic and cold-pressed oils, butters, natural extracts and active ingredients. We are committed to using only the best of nature to nourish you from the  inside out and you'll find no synthetic chemicals or hidden toxins here. VEGAN & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY All ingredients are ethically sourced from certified-organic suppliers and we are committed to providing biodegradable/recyclable/reusable packaging wherever possible from UK suppliers. HANDCRAFTED Made in small batches to ensure high quality from start to finish.
Dalia Botanique
From Garden to Bottle, this is our motto. I have always felt a deep connection to nature and I am inspired by the many wonderful botanicals and their unique properties available on my doorstep. Ones that could be grown in our gardens and meadows. Most of my spare time is spent outdoors; trail running, cycling, hiking and gardening in all weathers. I spend an incredible amount of time outdoors, so over the years, I have learned to listen to my skin better and to find out what it really needs. And so the spark of my idea was born: to create a brand of simple and natural skincare made in Yorkshire, accessible but effective, for those like me who spend a lot of time outdoors. The products we offer you are easy to use, organic, natural, minimalist, but rich in restorative ingredients that retain moisture and keep the skin protected all day, in every season.
Dead Sea Dream
When the world seems driven by stress and global turmoil, the importance of creating a safe, serene space in the home is magnified. Captivating a sense of calm, ritual, tranquility and pleasure has become an opportunity for ultimate control and time becomes the pinnacle of luxury. With footsteps across the world, Louise has a lifetime of experience in blending influences and cultural character from East and West, bringing the rituals of ancient worlds to the turbulence of the modern day. Drawing on her deep connection with the Dead Sea, inspired by the unique, mineral rich waters and wishing to share the authentic, restorative experience with people in a more streamlined, modern and sustainable style; Louise was driven to create Dead Sea Dream. Knowing the therapeutic powers of floatation in this ancient curative space…the lowest place on earth, with an extraordinary ability to soothe, Dead Sea Dream is a range compelled by our need to slow down and reconnect with ourselves.... More
Derma Warrior
We are Derma Warrior a natural, vegan skincare brand. We focus on helping people with dry skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis & Topical Steroid Withdrawal. It is our desire to educate, encourage and uplift people on their skin journey.  Whilst using our products to repair, soothe and restore your skin. We want people to feel confident regardless of their skin issues. It's all about self-love. Begin your skin journey with Derma Warrior today.
EMPWR Botanics
Empwr is all about natural, purposeful, self empowerment through thoughtfully curated wellness products centred around premium quality hemp synergised with botanical extracts.  We want you to know you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed, distracted and worn out. We are here to invite you to expand your mind and guide you along a new plant powered path to daily wellness and self empowerment. Take a moment to envision this.. Your jaw is unclenched. Muscles untensed. You're well rested and mind is clear. Your breathing is even, your exhale steady. As your body calms, your mind aligns. No background static, the edge has been taken off. Between the balanced spaces you've made for yourself, your power is revealed. It is magnified and shines bright. Open your eyes and embrace the day. Embrace your power .
Forest Spa Finland
Using ingredients from Finnish nature, We create skincare wellness products to help build your immunity to stress, renew wellness and boost your vitality. We believe that stress is your skins worst enemy and that protection from this impact can help you to awaken your optimal skin. At Forest Spa Finland we want to bring the purity and powerful restorative properties of the Finnish Forest and way of life into your daily skincare health ritual. We want to let you in on the secrets that the Finns have kept for years!