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Experience the enticing Lucid Banana Bread Snack Bar – a blend of warm, freshly baked banana bread goodness. Satisfy your cravings and enhance moments of calmness with this nostalgic treat that nourishes both body and mind. Packed with purpose, each bar features non-psychoactive functional...
IngredientsPeanut Butter (21%), Date Syrup, Brown Rice Protein, Almonds (13%), Tapioca Fibre, Dates, Banana, Chocolate Chips* (cocoa mass, coconut sugar, cocoa butter), 1000mg Reishi (2%), 300mg Ashwagandha (1%), Vanilla Extract, Natural Banana Flavouring, Cinnamon,
Experience pure sensory pleasure with Lucid Peanut Butter & Jelly snack bar—a fusion of rich peanuts  and the sweet tang of raspberry. This healthy snack is crafted to awaken your taste buds and spark a burst of creativity. Immerse yourself in an indulgent journey, where the...
IngredientsPeanut Butter (23%), Peanuts (14%), Date Syrup, Tapioca Fibre, Dates, Brown Rice Protein, Pumpkin Seeds, Freeze Dried Raspberry, 1500mg Maca (3%), 1000mg Lions Mane (2%), Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt
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