About selling on JJUNGL

Is JJUNGL for me and my brand?

Short answer, yes. If you are trying to build something to help not just yourself but the wider public and its health, then we want to do as much as we can to support and highlight your work. 

What can you sell?

It's pretty simple really...natural, organic, plant based products free from harmful chemicals.

How much will it cost?

It's free to sign up and list your products for sale on JJUNGL. We collect a flat commission fee from each transaction depending on your membership plan. Checkout our membership plans.

How to sign up

Sign up to sell on JJUNGL in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form on our signup page and enter you business details
  2. Wait for your account to be approved
  3. Once approved, you’re all set to login to your seller dashboard and start listing your products.


When it comes to shipping, we want sellers to be in control. We understand that some products are made to order and some may require international shipping. After a sale has been made, it is the sellers responsibility to pack and ship the purchased product as described. We also allow sellers to set their own shipping rates and regions which they deliver to. Details on how to do this and a tutorial can be found in our "How to set up shipping methods" page.

Sellers should outline their shipping policy in their store “Terms & Conditions” which can be found on the sellers dashboard.

Payments to sellers

Stripe Connect (Recommended)

We use Stripe to process transactions and to pay sellers. It’s a well established and secure payment provider used by many of the biggest brands on the internet.

Stripe allows us to accurately track transactions through JJUNGL and to calculate exactly how much each seller should be paid.

How does Stripe Connect work?

  1. Stripe Connect requires each seller to have an individual Stripe account (called a connected account) for tracking transactions and payments.
  2. Sellers can either create a new account or add an existing Stripe account to the marketplace from the sellers dashboard.
  3. When orders are placed and both sellers are using a Stripe Connect Account, the payment will be automatically split, commission fees deducted and the remaining amount will be sent directly to each sellers Stripe Connect Account. This way sellers can get paid quicker and easier.

Details on how to do this and a tutorial can be found in our "How to create or connect your Stripe account" page.

We do not use PayPal at this time but may introduce it in the future.

Review System

JJUNGL is open for any business or individual to sell their natural products and share their passion with the world. That being said, we also need to protect customers and maintain a level of quality control. We rely on customers and the JJUNGL community to regulate the products and brands on JJUNGL by leaving honest reviews. 

If a seller is receiving consistent complaints from multiple customers, the JJUNGL team will step in to investigate and the sellers account may be suspended.

Sellers Terms & Conditions

If you sell on Jjungl you agree that your products are made from natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. You can read our full Seller Terms & Conditions here.