Derma Warrior - Oat Bath Soak

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Derma Warrior
We are Derma Warrior a natural, vegan skincare brand. We focus on helping people with ...

This oaty bath soak is perfect for calming and soothing sensitive skin, especially in the midst of a flare-up. The milky liquid helps forms a protective barrier to soothe and hydrate the skin. Bicarbonate of Soda contains antibacterial and exfoliating properties. Zinc Oxide soothes the skin and Cocoa butter to further hydrate, nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The soak will do all the work whilst you sit in the bath.


Simply pour some into your linen bag provided, fasten the bag to prevent any content from escaping, and pop it into your lukewarm bath. Gently squeeze the bag to get the most out of these all-natural ingredients. Soak and relax in the bathwater for 5-20 mins. Rinse your skin, gently pat dry and apply moisturiser. Once finished immediately pop the contents into the bin. Leaving your linen bag to dry ready for your next bath.


This product is deemed safe by UK & EU cosmetic regulations.

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Thank God I found this brand! If you suffer from eczema you need this product. The relief it brought to my skin. I will be buying all the other products from the range. Keep up the good work!
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