House of Roxy - Home Cleansing Kit

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The perfect house warming gift or home cleansing essential.

This kit comes with ethically sourced: 

  • Mini white sage stick 
  • Mini mugwort stick
  • Mini cedar stick 
  • White spell candle 
  • Selenite wand 
  • Palo Santo 
  • Instruction Leaflet

The mini smudge stick trio helps ward off the bad energy and cleanses your aura to enhance your natural power. 

The Palo Santo helps bring in positive energy and good vibes. 

White is the purest colour, brining happiness, protection and light around. This organic beeswax candle is perfect for any candle ritual.

Selenite is a great crystal for protection. Keep around your doors and windows to stop unwanted energies around. It’s also perfect for meditation. 

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