Mama Buci Honey - Winter Harvest

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Mama Buci
Mama Buci is a social enterprise that produces award-winning, ethical, and social...

Mama Buci Honey Winter Harvest 340g single jar. 

The Winter Harvest has a rich, sweet, dark amber flavour with comforting hints of black treacle. It tastes scrumptious spread over toast, drizzled over yogurt or stirred into your favourite drink. 

Delicious, pure and ethical!

Mama Buci honey is lovingly hand-harvested in the Miombo forests of central Zambia. Our amber, poly-floral, pure honey makes its way from hive to home with no additives or preservatives. Our sustainable treetop bar hives are hand-built by Zambian locals. They are specially designed to make harvesting easier and kinder to the environment and ensure they produce the purest honey possible. Through each step of the journey, we make sure that the clarity and flavour of our honey is never compromised. We currently support over 7,000 families in Zambia by providing them with the hives, training and education needed to produce delicious pure honey. Our profits are reinvested back into the local communities.

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Mollie Duagnan
I didn't even know that there were different levels of honey until I tried this Winter one out. I will never by a generic brand from the supermarket again. The taste is exceptional.
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