TRHC Rose Petal Powder (rosa rugosa cv.plena) - 60grams

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TRHC Rose Petal Powder is a very rare and unique edible rose flower powder that contains powerful and medicinal properties. 

In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) rose is considered a Shen tonic. Rose petals are believed to help a person move and open their heart which has tightened both emotionally and spiritually bringing fluidity and joy back to one's life. In Ayurveda and Chinese medicine the rose is used in a variety of formulations particularly those around relieving the heart, anxiety, depression and emotional imbalances. It's very calming and puts you in a state of relaxation and bliss. The flower can be used to cure liver and stomach pains, abdominal distension, irregular menstruation & PMS, and can also be used for the treatment of diabetes by balancing blood sugars.

The mesmerising intense pink colour indicates a high content of anthocyanin a flavonoid high in antioxidants prized for improving eye health. Made from sweetly scented roses grown in the south of Taiwan, farmers use a vanishing traditional agricultural method, where leaves of weeds are cut and used as ground cover and natural compost, while their roots are left to regrow, thus preserving a natural ecosystem. This enables the farm to have zero use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, creating a pristine terroir. The purity of these roses adds to its efficacy, where they are traditionally used to treat irregular menstruation, stomach ache due to emotional depression and stress. They regulate flow of qi, improve blood circulation, support kidney functions and help with ear health. 

The benefits of taking TRHC Rose Petal Powder are

Relieves stress, depression and anxiety.
In TCM its known to regulate qi stagnation.
Tightens and makes skin supple.
Powerful antioxidant.
Cooling effect on people who have to much heat and inflammation in their body.
Balances hormones.
Promotes a restful sleep.
Balances blood glucose levels.
Cools the blood which can help prevent skins issues such as acne and rashes.
Full of vitamin C, A, E and B complex vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Helps increase connection between self and others by opening the heart.
Tastes amazing, great to add to smoothies and desserts.
Helps with any emotional blockages to the heart chakra.

Quality is of the utmost importance in all TRHC products. Each ingredient is in their therapeutic optimal format & ratio, using only 100% natural, third party laboratory tested premium ingredients and extracts that ensure maximum bioavailability. All capsules and powders are free from bulking agents, binders, fillers, flow agents and unnecessary stearates or inorganic oxides.

Rose Rugosa cv.plena

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