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We are dedicated to developing powerful herbal elixirs, rooted in science and blended ...

Natural organic Lions Mane that combines dual extract with raw fruiting body giving a full supplement support for mental clarity, focus and more.


Cognitive Enhancement
Mental Clarity
Mental Focus
Memory Improvement
Relieves Mild Depression
Eases Mild Anxiety
Gut Health
Regulates Blood Sugar
Immune System Support
Relieves Menopausal Symptoms

How to use:

1 to 2 grams daily. Start on a lower dosage and see how you tolerate this natural product. Do not exceed recommended serving and take one weeks break after two months use.

Blend, mix, sprinkle or stir into food or drink

Lions Mane raw fruiting body 70% Lions Mane dual extract 30%
5 out of 5
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I’ve been taking this product since last August so quite a while now, I mix with coconut milk and cacao powder in the morning and the difference in myself I’ve noticed is amazing, I’m more productive, happier focused on what needs doing.

Overall great customer service and I am a great customer very happy here
So I have been suffering so MAJOR symptoms for quite a while now, some attributed to peri menopause some maybe not i
1. I tried acupuncture, reflexology and had been so desperate I'd visited my GP (who just wanted to prescribe me anti depressants), I was thinking this is my life now. Someone I trust and admire had starting taking the powders so I reached out to her and she gave them a glowing recommendation so I thought I've got nothing to lose. Blatant honesty the first two days I think I probably felt worse but I think that's due to the anxiety I've been suffering from for months, day 3 I started to feel better and 6 days in my husband commented on the change in me, like others have mentioned the clarity of mind was really evident, anxiety much less crippling and I am definitely seeing more than a glimpse of the old me. I'm hopeful and excited for how I'm going to feel after the first month. To anyone out their contemplating trying then I'd urge you to do
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