Phytopet Ear Wash | 250ml | Natural & Gentle Cleaning Solution | Soothing Ear Health for Dogs | Mite Prevention

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Welcome to Phytopet, where natural pet health is a way of life. With over two decades ...

Natural ear wash for Dogs, Cats, and pets

Phytopet Ear Wash provides a 250ml all-natural and gentle way to care for your dog’s ears. Our unique formula is enriched with soothing ingredients that not only cleanse but also provide comfort to your pet. It’s meticulously developed to offer relief from discomfort and to ensure your dog's ears are clean, healthy, and mite-free. The simple, ready-to-use solution makes it easy to integrate into your regular pet care routine, contributing to overall ear health and preventing common issues such as mite infestations. With Phytopet Ear Wash, you can keep your dog's ears in pristine condition, ensuring they're always at their best.

  • Natural Ear Care: Our Ear Wash is infused with natural, soothing ingredients, perfect for maintaining your dog's ear health.
  • Soothe and Cleanse: Designed to gently remove dirt and debris while providing comfort to your dog's sensitive ears.
  • Mite Prevention: Regular use of our Ear Wash helps prevent the occurrence of ear mites, keeping your dog happy and healthy.
  • Easy-to-Use Formula: The ready-to-use solution ensures a hassle-free application for the pet owner and a comfortable experience for the pooch.
  • Gentle for All Breeds: Safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes, our Ear Wash promotes clean, healthy ears with every use.

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