Phytopet Probiotic Concentrate | Vetanary supplement | Digestive, Immune & Metabolic Support | No Fillers | For Dogs, Cats, Horses, Pets | 100g

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Pre and Probiotic for pets 

Optimize your pet's gut health with Phytopet Concentrated Probiotic. This potent formula features pure SC1-1077 live yeast probiotic and chicory inulin, without any fillers. It's designed to enhance digestion, stimulate the immune system, and bolster metabolic health. The probiotic fosters beneficial gut bacteria, improving nutrient uptake and aiding in oxygen scavenging, competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria, and immune stimulation. The chicory inulin, a prebiotic, nourishes these beneficial bacteria, further supporting digestion, immune function, and mineral absorption. It also assists in weight management. Our concentrated probiotic provides essential support for pets of all sizes and species, enhancing their overall health and vitality.

  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA: Our pure blend of SC1-1077 live yeast probiotic and chicory inulin is free from fillers, offering potent efficacy and approximately 100 servings per tub for a medium-sized dog.
  • ENHANCED DIGESTION: Our concentrated formula ensures complete and efficient digestion, reducing digestive disorders and improving nutrient uptake.
  • BOOSTED IMMUNITY: The probiotic and prebiotic content enhances your pet's immune system, making them more robust and resistant to disease.
  • METABOLIC SUPPORT: The chicory inulin supports metabolic health by helping to control blood sugar levels and assist in weight management.
  • INCREASED MINERAL ABSORPTION: The inulin enhances the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, contributing to improved bone health.
Frutafit HD Chicory Inulin, Eurocell RM10 (Sc1 1077) live yeast
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It works great stuff my staffy had terrible wind. Started her on this 2 weeks ago thank god it’s worked. I was sceptical at first but no it’s great. I give it to all four of them now. Best thing you only need a small amount.
if you are trying to get your dog on a plant based health journey, probiotics by phytopet is excellent. My beautiful cosi has been now taking this for almost a month and I’m starting to see how his coat has become fuller and his bowls have become less liquid.
I recommend ????????
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