Absorbzit - The Overnight Pimple Patch 36 pack

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30 days
Our mission is to provide effective solutions for those who struggle with acne-prone s...

Introducing our new Overnight Pimple Patches – the ultimate solution for stubborn pimples that refuse to disappear! Designed to be your ally while you slumber, these patches ensure you wake up to a complexion that is clearer and smoother than ever.

With a thicker construction compared to our Everyday Pimple Patches, these patches offer enhanced coverage and a stronger grip. Simply apply one to your clean, dry skin before bedtime, and let it perform its magic while you sleep.

Specifically formulated to remain securely in place for up to 8 hours, our Overnight Pimple Patches grant you peace of mind, knowing they won't detach during the night. Say goodbye to those frustrating pimples and welcome a fresh-faced morning!

Ingredients: Hydrocolloid 


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