Phytopet Boost | 100% Natural Herbal Remedy | Promotes Stamina, Recovery, Wellbeing | For Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Pets

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Welcome to Phytopet, where natural pet health is a way of life. With over two decades ...

Phytopet Boost is a natural, herbal supplement designed to support your pet's stamina, immunity, and general wellbeing. Perfect for those recovering from illness or experiencing lethargy, this supplement helps maintain peak performance and condition. Its easy-to-use, liquid form ensures fast action and simple administration. Just add to food, water, or treat. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more.

Boosts Stamina & Recovery: Supports stamina, immunity, and promotes recovery from illness or lethargy. 

  • Natural Herbal Blend: Contains a unique blend of herbs known for their beneficial properties. Ashwagandah, Siberian Ginseng, and Schisandra work together to stimulate and enhance physical and mental endurance. 
  • Easy to Use: A fast-acting, liquid supplement that can be simply added to your pet's food, water, or treat. 
  • Suitable for Various Pets: Ideal for dogs, cats, horses, birds, and other pets. 
  • Trustworthy Brand: PhytoPet leverages over 60 years of herbal knowledge and 40 years of pet industry experience to create safe, easy-to-use, and 100% natural products.
Ashwagandah, Siberian Ginseng, and Schisandra

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